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Repair shampoo with Argan oil

Spa Master Professional - Arganic & Repair Line

250 ml

Use it for a lot of damaged, porous and torn hair (thin, normal or strong type) and damage of any type-chemical treatment or outside factors (sun, hairdryer and etc.)
This product repairs even the structure of the most damage hair, makes it shiny, healthy and silk soft.
A list of active ingredients:
The high concentration of Argan Oil, Panthenol and vitamins PP, penetrates into the inner structure of the hair, helping to strengthen its roots. Nourishes, restores and makes your hair shiny and elastic.
-Argan Oil-( Argania Spinosa kernel oil) -It is rich in tocopherols, carotenoids, essential and unsaturated acids. The Argan Oil moisturizes the whole hair length, stops the appearance of torn ends. As a result the hair is soft, obedient and silky.
-Phantenol- A component that moisturizes skin and hair. Penetrates into the hair cuticle and makes it shiny and elastic.
-Vitamin PP- it can capture the free radicals and slows the aging of the hair.
Usage and Dosage:
You have to water down and foam, 3-5 ml and put the substance on the hair roofs, after that make hygienically washing. Put the foam again and leave it for 1-2 minutes for better result.

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