Everyday Shampoo | Козметична компания Роза импекс

Everyday Shampoo

Spa Master Professional - Technical series

250 ml

This wonderful shampoo with soft detergent washing is very suitable for everyday use.
This shampoo gently cleanses, intensively moistures hair and scalp. After using it your hair is shiny, elastic and smooth. This product restores the damaged structure, nourishes and strengths hair follicles.
A list of active ingredients
GREEN Complex from green tea and nettle makes hair shine and silky soft. It contains Phantenol.
-Green Tea Extract ( Camellia Sinensis Leaf Extract) – The extract is derived from the leaves of green tea bush, which is called Camellia Chinese. It contains a great amount of polyphenols and catechines and neutralize the free radicals. The green tea is an excellent component for use in a lot of series of natural cosmetic. It has deodorizing effect as an oxidant in the cosmetic products, contains UV filter, which protects hair from UV rays and photo aging. The extract of caffeine improves the blood circulation and nourishes the skin and gives skin elasticity.
-Nettle extract (Urtica Dioica extract) – This plant extract has anti – inflammatory, strangulate and stimulating circulation of the blood qualities. The nettle is used since a long time for healing; washing your hair with the nettle infusion makes it shine. This infusion can fight against dandruff, when you rub it into your skin. As a result your hair is soft and shiny.
-Phantenol- It restores the damaged structure , smoothes the scalp by penetrating into the hair. A component that moisturizes skin and hair. Penetrates into the hair cuticle and makes it shiny and elastic.
Usage and Dosage:
You have to water down and foam, 3-5 ml and put the substance on the hair roofs, after that make hygienically washing. Put the foam again and leave it for 1-2 minutes for better result.

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