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Semi-permanent HAIR TONER vip’s PRESTIGE

Our new formula VIP’s PRESTIGE HAIR TONER does not contain ammonia and oxidant. It gently colors and nourishes your hair with the combination of 100% pure and natural oils, vitamin F extract and nettle.

The products from the series BeBLOND are suitable for neutralizing the “yellow effect” after bleaching and coloring your hair.

The special formula of the products BeCOLOR gives you up to 70-80 % coverage of grey hair. This product is suitable for grey or colored hair.

Your color fades after about 6-8 washings. You may repeat the coloring any time, without a risk about your health.

Silvery platinum
BB 01
Silver effect
BB 02
Icy dawn
BB 03
BB 04
Northern lights
BB 05
Caffé Latte
BB 06
Cool vanilla
BB 07
Sparkling titanium
BB 08
Rose pearl
BB 09
BB 10
Black diamond
BC 01
Natural chocolate
BC 02
Directions for use
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