Moisturizing body balsam with 10 % Urea | Козметична компания Роза импекс

Moisturizing body balsam with 10 % Urea


200 ml

ACTION: Immediately moisturizes and softens the extremely dry skin. It reduces the loss of water in the deep layers of the skin and increases its protective functions.


UREA - The high content of urea (10%) protects the skin from drying and hydrates it. It helps for eliminating redness, itching and the discomfort of the skin.

D-PANTHENOL - hydrates and calms the skin, penetrates deeply in the skin layers and stimulates the formation of the new cells.

EMOLLIENTS – calm the irritated skin and help to keep it in a good condition.

VITAMIN E - powerful antioxidant, it helps fighting against the free radicals and has inflammatory effect.

APPLICATION: Apply with a gentle massage into the whole skin or only onto the affected zones. Use it frequently for better results.

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