Shampoo for colored hair | Козметична компания Роза импекс

Shampoo for colored hair


250 ml

This shampoo saves the color of dyed hair.
It is based on Swiss patented complex GSP – T that prevents your colored hair and from environmental impact. It contains antioxidant energy complex synthesized by Swiss grapes and natural tocopherol. The innovation conditioner Silplex has antistatic effect and makes your hair very smooth. It keeps your color for a long time.
• Swiss GSP-T complex- It contains antioxidant energy complex, which includes poly-cyanide from Swiss grape and natural tocopherol. The poly-cyanides are powerful antioxidants. They are very concentrated in the Swiss grape ‘Pinot Noir’, which are the base of the complex. Protects the hair from the daily stress factors: UV rays, hairdryers, chemical treatments (sea water, etc.). GSP-T protects the dyed hair from losing its color and gloss.
• Conditional Complex Silplex J2-S- A Canadian patented complex for 2-phase conditioning, which is anionic and cationic silicon polimer, incredible shine and silky touch. You will forget what the tangled hair is.
Usage and Dosage:
You have to water down and foam, 3-5 ml and put the substance on the hair roofs, after that make hygienically washing. Put the foam again and leave it for 1-2 minutes for better result.

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