LIFTING FACE MASK | Козметична компания Роза импекс


Regal Age Control

Unique product for deeper and permanent wrinkle treatment. By means of this mask we aim at substituting two types of injections: botuline ones and collagen ones! The triple rejuvenating effect of the mask is due to the use of: - ARGIRELINE®; - BIOPEPTIDE-CL®; - the unique way for application – by means of solving the Tablet mask made of pressed ecologically clean wood pulp in Anti-Wrinkle Concentrate. The way of applying the mask is new, interesting and non-specific: 1. Anti-Wrinkle Concentrate is poured into the cup. 2. Tablet mask is put in the cup of Anti-Wrinkle Concentrate. 3. Wait until the Tablet mask becomes wet /about 3 min/ until the whole quantity of Anti-Wrinkle Concentrate is absorbed. 4. Take the mask out of the cup and unfold it carefully. 5. After having cleaned your face apply the mask paying attention to the openings for the eyes, nose and lips. 6. It is recommendable to leave it for 30 min 7. After this period elapses the mask is removed without rinsing. Do not swallow the product! 4 dosages in a set A set contains: Tablet mask– 4 pcs. Anti-Wrinkle Concentrate– 4 psc Х 13 ml A cup – 1 psc.

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