Moisturе Hair Mask with Bulgarian rose extract | Козметична компания Роза импекс

Moisturе Hair Mask with Bulgarian rose extract

Spa Master Professional - Bulgarian ROSES Line

500 ml

Use it for very dry, damaged, brittle hair, with clumps, lightening or blond (thin, normal and hard).
Restores hydro lipid balance and retains the moisture in your hair. It is soft, silky and shines.
A list of active ingredients:
The special CARE-IN SYSTEM, which has conditioners and silicones, helps to keep the crystal rose drops into your hair. CARE –IN SYSTEM gently twines your hair and stops moisture loss. It is vital, shine and you are delighted from the lovely aroma.
-Rosa Damascena flower Extract – Every drop of the essential oil in the rose drop extract ,brings the concentrated aroma of millions rose buds. Helps to rejuvenate, smooth hair, increases its flexibility and elasticity, and eliminates irritation and skin peeling.
- Elaeis Guineensis kernel oil – It is used to improve the healthy appearance of dry, brittle and damaged hair from continuous dyeing. But if you like using a hairdryer, electric curling or hair straightener, you must use this product. Hair becomes stronger, more vital, silky and to touch it is a real pleasant for you. It is obedient, you can curl it up and style it as you like. The treatment with palm oil prevents from the adverse environmental factors.
-Conditional Complex Silplex J2-S- A Canadian patented complex for 2-phase conditioning, which is anionic and cationic silicon polimer. Incredible shine and silky touch. You will forget what the tangled hair is.
Usage and dosage:
1)Apply on dry hair 15-20 grams from the mask. Use a comb and for better results, use a hot towel. Leave for 15 minutes and wash the hair with a shampoo (MOISTURE SHAMPOO).You are ready to start hairstyling.
2)Massaging, apply 5-10 grams into clean, damp hair. Put it with brushing movements or use a comb, leave for 5-7 minutes, wash with warm water. For more intensive result, use it regularly. If you wish you can leave the mask 15-20 minutes. We recommend using a hot towel.

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