Basic color Spa Master Professional | Козметична компания Роза импекс

Basic color Spa Master Professional

SPA MASTER PROFESSIONAL hair coloring cream

100 ml

SPA MASTER™ molecular cosmetics - an unique combination from science and nature. We care about the health of your hair, using only the latest technologies and natural components.

Advantages of SPA MASTER™ molecular cosmetics


HIGH-TECH  - Highly-technology cosmetics – it is based on the latest developments of the French laboratory SEDERMA.


ORGANIC cosmetic for the synthesis of the row materials, are used 100 % natural plant extracts and oils from all over the world.


MOLECULAR cosmeticsThe cosmetic company ROSAIMPEX manufactures products with the help of unique highly-technology homogenizers, resulting in the formation of molecular composition, contributing to the deep penetration of the ingredients in the skin and hair.


MULTIFUNCTIONAL cosmetics – thanks to the big amount of active components, every product is unique and has several functions.


 EFFECTIVE cosmetic – it has a high degree of absorption of the active components and provides immediate result.


UNIQUE cosmetic – In the products composition are used ingredients, which are difficult to see in the widespread cosmetic brands.


AFFORDABLE cosmetics – thanks to the fundamentals of the brand, we create premium class production at an affordable price.


As a result of the modern development, we have obtained an unique procedure of “SPA-coloring” of your hair, by combining SPA CREAM COLOR и ELIXIR VITAL.

The action of these two products is a result from their composition:


ROSA DAMASCENA Extract – hydrates the scalp, and prevents from irritation during the coloring.


CERAMIDE A2™ - restores the structure of the hair during the coloring, fills the intercellular space

and damaged parts of your hair.


MERQUAT – a special polymer conditioner for shiny and vital hair, which creates laminated layer on the surface of the cuticle (the top layer of hair).


MACADAMIA OIL – hydrates, helps for restoring the intercellular space and the restructure of the hair.


LIQUID KERATIN - seals and helps to restore damaged areas of the cortex (central part of the hair).


GRAPES SEED OIL - thanks to the great amount of tocopherol in the oil, softness of penetration of the pigments and resistance to coloring is ensured.


The added loading dose of MERQUAT, a conditioner from a new generation for more efficiency and sustainability of laminating dyed hair.



When COLOR your hair, use a mask INTENSIVE or BASIC Line. The coloring mixture is washed with the help of POST COLOR from BASIC Line shampoo and conditioner.

Use GSP–T CONCENTRATE from PROTECT Line for long lasting color and effect.

In HOME USE, for the first two weeks after using “SPA - coloring” or for hair care, use the products from PROTECT Line. After these two weeks or if an intensive therapy is necessary, use the products from ROSES Line (for moisturizing), ARGANIC Line (for restoring), KERATIN Line (for reconstruction), MACADAMIA Line (for hair lifting).

For care, therapies, protection an styling, use the products from FIX Line serie.

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