SPA Rejuvenating therapy "Bulgarian rose" | Козметична компания Роза импекс

SPA Rejuvenating therapy "Bulgarian rose"

PROGRAMME (65 min.)
-Make a hot mineral water bath. Dissolve in the bath 100 ml Hydrating body relaxant 2 in 1 in 10 L water. In case you have no bathtub, you can start the procedure by soaking your feet in a shallow bath with dissolved 10 ml Hydrating body relaxant 2 in 1 in warm water. (15 min.) Dry. Necessary amount: 100 ml
-Apply Gentle body scrub on the whole body by circular movements. Massage with gentle movements, exfoliating the stratum corneum of the skin. In the end, remove the excessive amount of the product with a wet towel. After finishing the procedure, take a shower or rub the body with a towel. (15 min.) Necessary amount: 40 ml
-Apply with a brush Rejuvenating body mask on the whole body. Make double body wrapping / nylon thermo folio and a sheet/ and leave the mask to dry. Remove the mask with hot water or take a shower. (20 min.) Necessary amount: 70 ml
-Do a massage of the whole body with Hydrating body relaxant 2 in 1. Dry the body with a dry towel. (15 min.) Necessary amount: 30 ml