Lightening powder for permanent lightening SUPER MASTER BLOND SPA MASTER PROFESSIONAL

A soft formula, which gently and delicately lightens the hair, making it perfectly shiny. A modern innovative formula consisting of larger particles, which prevent the undesired release of dust during the process. Advantages: - Dust free - Ammonia free - Intensive formula – lightens to 7 levels - Easy to mix - Very good conditioning characteristics Technology How to use: Wear safety gloves, Pour the necessary quantity of cream developer into a suitable non-metallic container. Add the lightening powder. Stir until reaching a homogenous mixture. Apply on dry hair. Mix 1 part of Lightening powder ( 30 g ) with 2 parts of Cream oxide or Cream activator ( 60 g ) The total efficiency time should not exceed 45 minutes!!! After the efficiency time expires rinse the hair with water and afterwards wash it withDeep Cleansing Shampoo SPA MASTER. For conditioning apply Conditioner for colored hair SPA MASTER. 500 ml