Hair Color GALANT | Козметична компания Роза импекс

Hair Color GALANT

You can experience our new formula for extremely nourishing and care, made for the modern and dynamic life. It penetrates actively deeply and strengthens the hair from the root itself. The combination of three active ingredients will show the beauty of your hair. -Keratin-for healthy and tough hair. -Silk- for shine and elasticity. - UV –filter – for long –lasting and vital color. It perfectly covers the grey hair. Saturated and deep color. The package contains 1 tube with hair colour cream 45 ml 1 phial with developer 50 ml 1 sachet with conditioner 20 ml Directions for use Protection gloves

Scandinavian blond
Beige Blond
Платиновый блондин
Silver Blond
Pearl blond
Nacreous blond